DITS S.r.l is a Spin-off Sapienza Università di Roma,born from the twenty-year experience of a large research group in Railway Engineering formed within the DICEA (Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering) also thanks to the doctoral school in Infrastructures and Transportation. The company mission is to create a bridge between the research developed in the university environment and its application in the railway world, in order to improve its quality in terms of safety, reliability, environmental sustainability and economic efficiency.


Railway transport mechanics and systems engineering

In the field of railway mechanics, the Company supplies measurement systems, complete with hardware and software for processing and analyzing data, developed ad hoc based on the functional / performance requirements specified by the customer, procedures and methods of computer simulation, for the purposes of design , validation of the design, independent verification of safety, construction, operation, monitoring and maintenance of the rolling stock components and the infrastructure of the railway system. DITS also provides training courses on the design, construction and maintenance of railway equipment.


Safety and operation

In the field of railway safety, the Company is able to define and verify the system logic and the safety level of the operation in its human, technological and regulatory components; to provide risk analysis on the railway system, in particular on the most critical railway components. In addition, DITS is able to accompany Infrastructure Managers and Railway Companies during the entire implementation process of the Safety Management System (SGS) and of the Skills Acquisition and Maintenance System (SAMAC). In this context, the Company provides, among others, courses for the qualification of the Safety Management System Manager (RSGS) and courses on risk assessment in the railway sector.

In the field of the operation of rail and combined transport systems, the Company offers design and analysis services for the operation of railway lines and junctions, in particular through the assessment of the regularity of the operation, of the infrastructure capacity, of the stability of the railway timetables for the resolution of traffic disputes. Furthermore, DITS conducts studies aimed at identifying strategies for energy saving both on the infrastructure side (through the optimization of electricity distribution schemes) and on the train side (using algorithms for the implementation of eco-driving) . The Company is also able to provide support for the management of port facilities through the use of both innovative methods for assessing capacity and optimizing the service of loading / unloading of goods in the iron / rubber and sea / iron interport terminals , both of computerized Geographic Information Systems and simulation tools for improving the efficiency of the shunting service.02

Transportation engineering

The group of engineers that has merged into DITS has developed over the last ten years research, as well as in the railway field, also in other sectors concerning transport engineering; in particular, many studies and research projects, both nationally and internationally, were carried out in transport planning and in the assessment of the impacts generated by them. Finally, DITS carries out economic and financial analyzes of the costs and benefits associated with the construction of new transport systems or infrastructures.03

Training days

DITS offers the Customer an Innovative Service in the Mechanical, Safety and Other Operations sectors, with the development of methodologies and tools also in the form of software applications where required, deriving from the experience developed in the field and consolidated in the various national and European research projects. The union between the world of scientific-university research and the industrial reality will allow DITS to understand, analyze and propose solutions in the rail-transport sector, providing the Customer with an effective and efficient service in terms of time, human resources and costs. DITS will support the Customer throughout the Service.04


Moreover, DITS S.r.l provides training courses on different subjects in the railway sector (i.e. safety management system, risk analysis, railway track, wheel/rail interactions, …). Currently these courses are organised for the main Italian railway companies (RFI, Trenitalia, Mermec, …).


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