What do we do

From university to business

DITS S.r.l. is a Spin-off of Sapienza University of Rome, born from the twenty-year experience of a large research group in Railway Engineering formed within the DICEA (Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering) also thanks to the doctoral school in Infrastructure and Transport . The company mission is to create a bridge between the research developed in the university environment and its application in the railway world, in order to improve its quality in terms of safety, reliability, environmental sustainability and economic efficiency.

DITS transforms academic research into products and services of high technological content in support of Entities, Infrastructure Managers, Railway Companies and Industries operating in the railway sector. Multi-disciplinarity is a key aspect of the Company, in which 15 engineers work with expertise in the mechanical, electrical, civil, transport and environmental fields. DITS supports the rail industry in the following sectors:

  • Mechanics
  • Safety and operation
  • Transportation engineering

Moreover, thanks to many years of experience in university teaching, DITS designs and carries out training and professional updating courses at all levels.

Social structure

In addition to 15 Sapienza researchers (one professor and 14 PhDs), the social structure is composed of Sapienza itself and two of the most important world companies in the railway sector: Hitachi STS and Hitachi Rail, both of the Hitachi Group.